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DUI Lawyer in Palos Verdes

Have you been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs? The law varies from one jurisdiction to the next in California and it is important to have a criminal lawyer in Palos Verdes assist you with your case. Stephen A. Varga has practiced law for 30 years and has helped many people charged with DUI to defend themselves.

Sentencing for a DUI Offense in California

If you or someone you love is facing a criminal law or family law matter, contact Palos Verdes lawyer Stephen A. Varga for the representation you need and deserve. To learn more, please schedule a consultation today.

Sentencing for a DUI offense in California depends upon:

  • Which offense you are facing (whether a first, second, third or fourth offense) in a ten-year period
  • Whether or not you are granted probation
  • How high your blood alcohol level was when you committed the DUI

Even when being charged for only a first offense, the severest penalty calls for a jail sentence as high as six months and a fine up to $1,000. If your offense is considered less serious, the judge may sentence you to as few as 48 hours in jail and impose a fine as low as $390.

There is a substantial difference between paying a fine of $390 and $1,000, or serving a jail sentence between 48 hours and six months. Having a lawyer to help reduce your payment and sentence may make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help

Sometimes you and your defense lawyer can reach a plea bargain with the prosecution and have your sentence reduced to reckless driving rather than driving under the influence. If this is your first offense, the amount of alcohol is marginal and no accident resulted from the DUI, a "wet reckless" as this is called may be approved by the prosecution.

Because of all the variables involved, you should have an experienced DUI defense attorney like Mr. Varga by your side. He may be able to help you receive a lesser sentence and fine, or be able to plea bargain your offense down to reckless driving instead of DUI.

If you should subsequently have another DUI, however, when the first offense was reckless driving, your prior reckless driving offense is considered to be a DUI and the resulting offense of the subsequent DUI will be considered to be a second offense with all of its fines and jail sentences.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Palos Verdes

Mr. Varga is an excellent DUI attorney in Palos Verdes. He will make sure you are fairly charged with the lowest sentence possible for your offense. To learn more and to schedule a consultation, contact Mr. Varga today.